Professional Services at Dixon’s

Protect your investment! Trust your vehicle to Dixon’s AutoBody and Glass!

Collision Service

You’ve had an accident, we can help. It’s YOUR vehicle. YOU make the payments. It’s titled in YOUR name. YOU have the RIGHT TO CHOOSE the repair shop. Do not rely on your insurance company to choose a repair shop. Don’t allow yourself to be bullied into taking your vehicle to a preferred or “DRP” shop because the insurance company says so. Call now and let us protect you from being bullied by your insurance company.

Our Commitment

At Dixon’s Auto Body we are your auto body experts. We have years of experience serving the highest quality repairs and services. We understand the importance of attention to details. You can be assured our team of experts will work with you every step of the way and not stop until you are completely satisfied.


Certified professionals and friendly staff makes Dixon’s Auto Body & Glass the first stop for your auto body, collision and glass needs. With prompt, efficient service we'll handle everything from stone chip repairs to complete auto glass replacement. We've replaced and repaired in the thousands of windshields (on cars trucks and heavy trucks) for thousands of satisfy customers in the Niagara Region. You can trust Dixon's Auto Body & Glass to provide you with a headache free replacement or repair. Call Now!

Rust Proofing

We use RUST STOP™ undercoating to help you maintain the integrity of your vehicle through whatever the weather throws at it.  Rust Stop™ is an oil carried inhibitor system, which actually cleans and protects dissimilar metals as it “creeps” and penetrates even the tightest seams. It has natural affinity for all types of metals and actually forms an ionic bond to the substrate.  Call now And protect your investment.

Truckbed Liners

As franchise owners of ArmorThane® Bed Liner, we can install ArmorThane® Bed Liner products for your car or truck. ArmorThane® coatings are durable, flexible and safe protectants and come with a lifetime warranty against warping, cracking, and peeling.  If you’re looking for a truck bed liner,  call now! ArmorThane’s® line of products will meet your needs!