Dixon Auto Body Projects

  • 100% His Choice Where

    We had a customer stopping for a written quote with extensive damage to his truck. Uncertain of the procedures, this was his first time going ahead with an insurance claim. After a close examination, we knew right away that vehicle was not safe to drive. We advise the customer that his vehicle was unsafe to drive and based on its condition alone, he was more than comfortable to leave his vehicle with us. We promptly explained; he would need ...
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  • Dancing With His Wife

    Recently, we had a 2006 Ford Ranger pickup towed in to our yard with a hard centre shot to the front end, like it had slid in the snow and into a pole or something.  After sitting at in our yard for only a couple of hours the owner of the pickup came in to see his truck. He was an elderly gentleman and loved his truck. At this point in his life, he really just didn't want to see his truck as a total loss, more common...
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  • The Customers Best Interest

    Repairing a vehicle isn’t always the best way to make a customer happy.  Don’t misunderstand; we make a living out of repairing cars and returning them back to their perfect pre-collision condition. However, sometimes it’s in the customers best interest to have their vehicle deemed a total loss or write off. Here's an example where the customer had his vehicle for sale and was having a hard time selling it. Before it could be sol...
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