About Dixon Auto Body

Here at Dixon's we have never chosen to be a direct repair facility for the insurance company. It would mean working for them instead of the customer. That is not who we are. To be a preferred shop for insurance companies, means to give them a reduced door rate, free storage, and a reduced mark up on parts. It's tough when the insurance companies cap these things when your paying your help, hydro, gas and so much overhead.

We are the biggest none preferred shop by insurance companies in Welland. Lots of times the managers of the preferred shops ask me how we do it. Shish!! Don't tell them, but it is just by taking care of you. There so busy taking care of the big insurance companies, they forget about the customer. It frustrates them when they give up so much to be a preferred by insurance companies. Meanwhile, my shop is busier.

Even my staff understand how important it is to please the customer and I never have to remind them of that. They know we wouldn't be here if we didn't do what we believe.

I challenge you to ask around about our reputation.

22 years ago I was trying to find a good job, the kind of job were I was appreciated, with out yelling. The kind of job where we weren't always cheating. The kind of job where we took care of the customer, not taking advantage of them. That's hard to find in this industry. Tight margins and deadlines becomes a survival game. I got tired of coming home miserable, being yelled at all day.

I decided to go out on my own after being told by many friends that approved of my work ethic.

As I hired people and the work load got to heavy I told myself I will try my best to treat the guys with respect. This is why our work is so good the guys don't hate coming to work in fact they enjoy it . My goal is not to be rich my goal is that Dixon's Auto body would be respected not only by the customer but also by the people who work for me .Keep in mind that a happy employees will do a good Job take pride in thier work and be happy when they get home some of my supplier I've delta with for 22 years I don't beat them up for prices they take care of me cause I pay my bills I need solid people to deal with when we find those people we stick with them they take care of us which makes taking care of you easier