Dancing With His Wife

Recently, we had a 2006 Ford Ranger pickup towed in to our yard with a hard centre shot to the front end, like it had slid in the snow and into a pole or something. 

After sitting at in our yard for only a couple of hours the owner of the pickup came in to see his truck. He was an elderly gentleman and loved his truck. At this point in his life, he really just didn't want to see his truck as a total loss, more commonly referred to as a "write off" by insurance companies.

We explained that the degree of damage was quite extensive and that there was no guarantee the insurance company would see enough value in the truck to repair it. If the cost of a complete repair exceeds the value of the truck, 

Insurance companies will always take the least expensive path for their company regardless of the customers needs. The customer was of course very disturbed, but genuinely excepted the possibility of losing his truck. He even came in to remove his plates and belongings from the vehicle

Unaware and almost missing the fact that the mileage on the vehicle with very low, the insurance company contacted us explaining to us their discovery. They then proceeded to offer us the repair on the behalf of the customer for one set amount. This is always a big risk for an auto body shop to take on such a job because if there is any undisclosed or unseen damage below the surface that is a mandatory part of the to complete the repair, then the auto body shop has absorb the additional costs.

Regardless of the risk, we decided that the customer needed his truck. We immediately call the customer and explained what we were going to do. He was so thankful we were saving his truck from the scrap yard. In fact he was so happy, he told us he was going to go dancing with his wifeIn that they would drink a whole bottle of wine.

The repair went off without a hitch, the truck was brought back to its free collision state by our qualified staff of technicians and the customer was happy When he picked up his truck. Another satisfied customer here at Dixon's where customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

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