100% His Choice Where

We had a customer stopping for a written quote with extensive damage to his truck. Uncertain of the procedures, this was his first time going ahead with an insurance claim. After a close examination, we knew right away that vehicle was not safe to drive. We advise the customer that his vehicle was unsafe to drive and based on its condition alone, he was more than comfortable to leave his vehicle with us.

We promptly explained; he would need to call his insurance company, informing them of everything. His vehicle would not be safe to operate and so we gave him a ride home. He would of course need a rental in the meantime, but any good insurance company would provide that immediately.

We warned him the insurance company would try to get him to move his vehicle to one of their preferred shops, better known as a DRP shop, where your not the customer - rather the insurance company is. Others in the industry refer to them as Discount Shops, because they give insurance companies huge discounts. In return insurance companies redirect more work to those shops. It's a win-win for both the insurance company, saving millions and the discount shop gets your vehicle, regardless of what you want. Unfortunately, that's usually not so good for the customer, because less money also means less quality workmanship. The sooner they get your vehicle out of their shop, the sooner the next one comes in and that's one quality workmanship goes down.

The customer was very relieved to discover that we were not a DRP shop and that it was 100% his choice where his truck would be repaired. When the appraiser assigned to our customers case called us, we came to a common ground for a quality repair i.e. pre-accident condition. 

Within no time, the vehicle was repaired back to factory specs with time to spare according to the allowed time that the insurance companies give us to make those repairs. The vehicle look absolutely terrific on delivery. And of course the customer was very pleased he chose Dixon Auto Body for his repairs.

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