The Customers Best Interest

Posted Feb 2nd, 2018

Repairing a vehicle isn’t always the best way to make a customer happy.

Don’t misunderstand; we make a living out of reparing cars and returning them back to their perfect pre-collision condition. However, sometimes it’s in the customers best interest to have their vehicle deemed a total loss or write off.

Here's an example where the customer had his vehicle for sale and was having a hard time selling it. Before it could be sold, an accident occurred and the vehicle was brought to us for repair.

Keeping in mind; the law requires us to disclose high-value repairs in the vehicle history, the value of this car would now be highly compromised at this point. The dollar value of this car has now dropped and selling it at this stage would be even more difficult.

In this case, keeping the customers best interest in mind, we would encourage the insurance company to write off the vehicle.

The payout was a better dollar value to the customer as a total write off, then to try and sell after repairs.

Here at Dixon Auto, we keep in mind, the customers best interest.